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    ME-H5100 Speedy Halogen Moisture Meter measures the weight of the sample while the sample is heated by the halogen heating unit and the water evaporation path. Man-machine dialogue function so that users operate very convenient, rich operating information tips to help users more efficiently complete the work process During the drying process, the moisture meter continuously measures and immediately displays the percentage of moisture lost in the sample. After the drying process, the final measured moisture content value is displayed locked.
    Built-in R232 output interface, can be connected to computers, printers and other external devices.
    The Halogen moisture analyze can test moisture content fast. And the result similar as the oven test standard, so it widely used in different industry. Such as agriculture, medicine, plastic etc.
    The Good Point
    ※ Display: Touch screen LCD display
    ※ Drying technology type: Ring halogen lamp
    ※ Temperature range: Room Temperature ~ 160℃
    ※ Interface: RS232 interface
    ※ Pan diameter: Φ90mm
    ※ Power: 50/60±1Hz, 110v/220v
    ※ Packing dimensions: 350*350*450&7KG
    ※ Function: Meausuring water content, drying weight percent, ATRO drying weight, ATRO moist weight.
    ※ Have CE certification
    Technical Parameters
    Model: ME-H5100
    Moisture Range: 0-100%
    Max. Weight 100g
    Reading accuracy: 0.005g
    Heat Time range: 1-99min
    Temperature Accuracy: 1℃
    Moisture Readability: 0.02%
    Moisture Accuracy: 0.01%
    Moisture Reproducibility: 0.2%
    Display items: Before dry in weight,after-drying weight ,the method of ending,the remaining time of heating(min), heating temperature,driage, drying rate,moisture weight rate,moisture regain rate
    Power: 50/60±1Hz, 110v/220v
    CE certification
    Particulars Photo
    Instrument Qualification
    Shipping and Service
    Delivery date: About 1 working day
    Warranty: 12 month
    Delivery by air express, air, sea.
    Our Factory
    1. As the MANUFACTURER and export in this field for so many years, so much experienced with customers from all over the world.
    2. MOQ is 1 unit, which is No MOQ required. We could start by one unit!
    3. Strong technical team and reserve ensuring quality control, technical support, and after-sales backup.
    4. Customized service and special specification could be met.
    5. OEM available.
    6. Flexible operation based on clients' needs.
    Packing: carton box(1 unit in 1 box)
    Shipping by air, by sea to port, and by courier of DHL/TNT/FedEx available.wholesale Halogen Moisture Meter

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